Can you spot at least one of the 3 great trading opportunities on the chart below? 

"Hint: There is an uptrend in the background" 

Well, there are three excellent high probability entries with good risk/reward potential. And the chart above contains everything you need to spot them and not after the fact, but real time as these trades happen.

Here are these trade entries:



It is not your fault if you haven’t been able to identify them. 99% of trading courses talk about divergence setups, Fibonacci levels, pivots, candlestick patterns, etc., and only very few of them discuss the things that are really important, such as supply and demand, highs and lows, and volume.

Professional traders can read forces of supply and demand from simple price and volume charts like the one above. They also know that all markets are heavily manipulated and trained themselves to see footprints of large market operators on the price chart.

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P.S. There is a famous saying by Bernard Baruch that “The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible.” You can avoid being fooled if you start playing on the side of smart money.